Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can You Roll Over?

We had a big weekend. We went to visit down in Americus and attend a wedding. While we were there Mac was playing on his tummy (okay so he was laying there crying) and he rolled over onto his back. The incident was witnessed by his father and Grandpa Tom. Unfortunately this could not be duplicated so no one else has seen it and it seems it might have been a fluke. Still pretty neat though.
The next exciting thing is that Mac has outgrown his first outfit. The clothes that he wore home from the hospital no longer fit. We're excited because we thought he had grown alot, but his doctor's visit didn't really confirm that.

Mac is also becoming more and more alert. He loves to watch his mobile go around. He can pick out a car and follow it as it goes around. He also knows when we start fixing him a bottle. When he hears us shake the bottle to mix it, he quiets and looks around for it. All pretty impressive for 1 month old!!

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