Friday, January 23, 2009

Toy boxes are really fun!

So we didn't buy Mac many toys for Christmas, just a few small things. Before you get worried about him though, he received tons from friends and family so he has more than he can play with now.
What we did get him for Christmas was a toy box. I have to admit that it is partially for us so that there is a way to clean up our living room. The toys are trying to take over.
He has discovered just how fun a toy box can be. Play the slideshow to see the whole album, bear with us though because its a lot of photos. He's just so cute its hard to pick and choose.


Lolly said...

He's so adorable! Is that all the pictures? we're going thru Mac withdrawal down here!
Lots of love!

Tom and Sharon said...

Awww! I'm in agreement with Lolly. He is precious. There aren't enough pictures, and I am in Mac withdrawal and it is getting worse. There is no such thing, however, as Mac overdose!

Ruth said...

Grandma Great said, talk about Mac withdrawal. It gets worse the further away I am! Hope the flower photo came through ok. I don't have sense to send myself a copy to find out.