Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally...Happy Birthday to Mac!!

Today was Mac's 1st Birthday party...if you're counting he doesn't actually turn one until Tuesday. We didn't do much, just a few friends, cake, and icecream. We did get some good pictures though. Here are a few.

First Birthday Party

We put a mat under his chair thinking he would make a big mess. He really didn't though, instead he pretty much ate everything. He didn't need a bath afterwards, just hands and face washed. The bib was a mess though.
The most amazing thing is that he went to bed at the normal time and so far is sleeping well.


Jessica said...

I am so proud you got the pictures up so fast. All the girls have been asking how the birthday party and the cake went. Now I can just show them the little mess that is my nephew:)

Lolly said...

Hey - how can I get a copy of the pictures with better resolution! I need some of these as my background!