Thursday, March 5, 2009

Steppin out

So no pictures or video yet, but Mac did something awesome last night. We were at church, I had only just arrived from work. Doug put Mac down in the middle of the floor standing up. For the last few days or so he has been playing around and taking one step or pivoting on one foot. But he took one step then another...then another...then one more. Then he sat down. That's four steps! He'll probably be running by the time I get home tonight. I think life at our house is about to change all over again.


Melanie said...

So exciting! I can't wait to see it!! Now you have trouble on your hands, but at least it's adorable trouble. ;)

Jessica said...

I am so excited! Seems like life will never slow down for ya'll . . . but that is the fun of it. Love you and so glad that you two are getting to enjoy all these special moments!

grandma said...

I hope Mac is practicing so the great grandmas can see a real walking demo at this weeks special birthday party.

Lois said...

Is he ready to try out for the cross country team yet?

Looking forward to more photos.