Thursday, April 9, 2009

We didn't teach him this

He did this once before while we were down in Americus visiting. Last night Doug had the step ladder out to change a light bulb and suddenly Mac is on his way up. He went all the way to the top the first time, but as soon as we got out the camera he wasn't interested in going that far.

Not bad for a kid who is just learning to walk.


Anonymous said...

The refrigerator is next.

Now you know the sweet, innocent angel face in the last picture is hiding a little devil.

Pappa John

Melanie said...

That is funny. I can't wait to see y'all tomorrow!!

Ruth said...

He takes after his Uncle Fred. I left the ladder in place beside a window while I stopped to fix lunch. Fred not only went to the top but took the screw driver and removed the window lock and handed me the screws! It has turned into very practical ability now 58 years later! Grandma McF