Friday, May 1, 2009

My kid eats bubbles

So lately Mac does not like baths. He used to love them, but we started doing that every night right before bed and he gets a litte upset. A few nights ago he screamed so much that I didn't even bathe him really, just got wet and got out. It's making me wonder if maybe its more than just dreading going to bed.
Today after breakfast he desperately needed a bath so I decided to try bubbles. Nobody can resist a bubble bath right? Wrong.
He is screaming so I pick up a handful of bubbles and he finally notices and gets distracted. He grabbed some bubbles out of my hand and proceeds to put them in his mouth. I'm thinking it will taste like soap and he will make a disgusted face, but no. He just eats them. When he went for more I made a funny face and said No that Yucky! He laughed and then ate more bubbles.
So now he is eating bubbles and still crying on and off. I grabbed a little rubber froggie bath toy and scooped bubbles on his head. Mac takes the frog away from me and eats the bubbles off of him. So now he is standing in the bathtub (because with his newfound fear/hatred of the bath, he can’t sit down) and he keeps bending down to scoop the frog into the bubbles like a fork.

I give up….at least his utensil skills were getting a workout.

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S-G said...

G loves it when we put bubbles on her head and make a beard for her like Daddy's beard.