Saturday, June 13, 2009



I decided that even though Samantha had to work, I would take Mac to the pool by myself.
It took us an hour and three calls to Samantha, but we finally got ready and out of the house. He loved the water at first, then he fell over (1'-6" pool) and that made him a little afraid and fussy. He cried every time we started to get in the water, so we sat in our chair and went to the happy place courtesy of goldfish.

I finally was able to get him in the water and trick him into relaxing. Then we had a great time.
One question that I still have: are the swimming diapers floatation devices? Mac's rear end kept floating up - both in his float and in my arms.

Another important thing I learned - its not easy to change a diaper when there is no changing table and he has to stand up in a chair. I guess at least there was a chair...

The best part about the swimming is that he went right down for an afternoon nap when we got home.
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Nana said...

What a cutie!

Ruth said...

I love seeing Mac's blog posts. Keep them coming.He is a cute little kid.

Melanie said...

He looks like such a big boy- and then I see the binky in his hand. :)
Miss y'all!

Heather Simpson said...

He is growing so fast!!! What a cutie!!!