Monday, July 20, 2009

Where's my blankee?

So he doesn't have a name for it or anything like that, but Mac has become attached to his blanket. During the last few weeks he has started going and getting it out of his bed especially when he is tired. Now he wants to get it and drag it all around the house behind him. It needed washing yesterday so I put it in the dirty laundry basket in his closet. When we got home from church the first thing he did was go dig it out. (Dumping clothes everywhere in the process) Last night he slept fine without it, I don't think he even noticed. However this morning he saw it in the basket of clean laundry and pulled it out. (Dumping clothes everywhere again). He really did not want to leave it when he went to school. There was a major meltdown, I'm pretty sure he has never cried that much at being separated from me.
After I dropped him off I hid the blankets in the guest room closet so hopefully out-of-site, out-of-mind will be enough to break him. I at least want to get him hooked on a smaller blanket because this one is too big for him to really carry around and you know I don't want him dragging anything because it will get completely dirty.
If anyone has any great suggestions for how to handle this please let me know.


Alli said...

I know someone who cut up the favorite blanket. A small piece was the "traveler" and the bigger piece was for at home (during nap or bedtime). We rotated blankets out for Fuller. The one he first got attached to was nice, but the way he grasped the corner wore it down. So we swapped it with another "sturdier" blanket.

I like your out of site, out of mind concept. We did that too.

Does Mac rub the tag of the blanket on his face? I know a lot of kids love the feel of the tag (Fuller did), so we always replaced the blanket with one that had a tag.

S-G said...

Genevieve has her "Nye-Nye" (that is what she calls it). She LOVES that thing but it has to stay in her bed. Sometimes she gets in just to cuddle with it. But I am convinced that is what helps with her going to be so easily because it is in there. When she is sick it comes out and she can carry it around. The days after she gets better and it goes back are hard but she gets back to it only being in her bed.