Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today Mac decided to pick out his own socks. He was on the changing table and reached down and opened his sock drawer. So now he is laying on his belly hanging over the side and riffling through the drawer. I told him he could pick out what socks to wear, but he was having too much fun just digging around and occassionally picking one up to show me and saying sock. I thought maybe he was indicating an interest in wearing what he was holding up but no. Finally I gave up and said okay these are the ones. He did not like my choice and commenced kicking and screaming "no socks." Then I got smart. I offered him two pair to choose from. He picked one fairly quickly and happily put them on. (well I put them on him, but with no screaming and even some assistance). So he may be wearing argyle socks with a firetruck shirt but at least he's happy.

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