Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One well-dressed baby

More shoes for Maggie! These are actually little socks with pink poofs at the toes. If they weren't cute enough already, their name is Tiny Dancer.

Also I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that everytime I tried to talk up the upcoming doctor's visit Mac would remind me that he needed a checkup with the dentist. I think that is due to the combined efforts of his school (who had a dentist week and a hygienist came in to talk to their class) and his Aunt Jessica (who is going to be a dentist soon).
Mac and Jessica will both be pleased to know that he has an appointment scheduled in 2 weeks for his first checkup with a pediatric dentist!


Melanie said...

I hope he is excited when it comes time for that appointment. 'Unc'le Eric has a history of biting dental hygienists. Hopefully he will do better than Unc!

MeMa Bobbie said...

We are very excited about Maggie coming!!! been a long time since we got to buy for a little girl.
Samantha and Jessica were the last.
Mac is really growing up, can't wait to take him to WALMART!!!
Granddaddy John, MeMa Bobbie

Jessica said...

YAY for the dentist:) So excited that Mac is such a diligent patient:)haha