Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby Presents

We have gotten many amazing baby presents. I will try not to post pictures of every single thing, but I couldn't resist a few. This is Mac's first hot rod and keeping the engine warm until he gets here is what will be his favorite stuffed animal (if you can't see it well its a little green horse, the floppy feet are adorable)

Try to ignore the wilting plant in the background. It will pull through, it always does.


Lois said...

That contraption looks huge! Does it double as a walker?

How did your 2nd parenting class go? Is each one 5 hrs? Ours were only 2 hrs. We were supposed to have 6 of them but since J&J came early we only made it to the first one. At least we knew where to go when we got to the hospital :)

Aunt Lois

Doug & Samantha said...

It does double as a walker and don't worry its not as big as it looks in the picture.
Our second class went fine--mostly about c-sections. There was a couple expecting twins in our first class and they didn't make it to the second week either.