Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coming Soon

Well, with a baby on the way, we thought we'd join the rest of the family in posting random details about our life on the internet.
Seriously, we thought we'd try to keep everyone updated, but we're underachievers, so don't expect too much.
This picture is from the 20 weeks ultrasound and you can see Mac sucking his thumb.
We are super excited about his arrival and promise to post pictures when he gets here.


Aub-Margret said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Looking forward to your updates! Cousin Alicia for

M & D said...

As underachievers ourselves, we decided to post a comment now so we won't have to make the effort later. Hope that Baby Mac gets here in time for the dedication! You know you're always late! M & D

S-G said...

Welcome to the blog world! I can't wait to see what you little guy looks like!

Ruth said...

Grandma Great says she loves blogs to read. I want to be in tip top health for the arrival of Baby Mac. If he has rd hair he will be perfect. If he has no hair or blond hair he will still be perfect. Grandma McF

Tom and Sharon said...

Let's hope Mac does not follow the procrastinators. Yes, 6 weeks after you start your blog, we get a gmail account so we can leave comments!