Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

We have had a big couple of days. First of all the crib has finally arrived. The nursery is finally done!!! Mac is now three weeks old, but better late than never right?

We went to Sumter County to visit for Easter, so Mac was passed around all weekend and met lots of family and friends. It was great, but of course now he doesn't want to be put down----ever!

We also have one other important piece of news, Mac has a belly button! I personally think its adorable but I will spare everyone the pictures. Probably only parents get excited about this sort of thing, but for us it is a milestone.

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Aub-Margret said...

You know, I think my friend Heather ordered the same crib for her boy and it didn't arrive until he was born too!

Glad to see pictures!

cousin Alicia