Saturday, March 15, 2008

Who does he look like?

Okay so its a little hard to tell from this picture of Mac since its not exactly the same angle, but he definitely looks like his mom. The second picture is actually the one taken of me before I left the hospital. I wish you could see him in person because it is freakish how much he looked like this picture of me. Of course he is already changing and looking different. Jessica thinks maybe he looks more like Doug already, but its hard to say. I promise to put up more pictures soon.

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Rebecca said...

Just seeing the first picture before reading what you wrote, I would say he looks just like you, Samantha. That looks like the same baby in those pictures. Only the dated bedding gives it away! It is amazing how much they change in the first few weeks. Thanks for posting the pictures. I love checking in on you guys. Lots of love!