Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Changes Everywhere

Mac is moving up to a new class today. It's not nearly as traumatic as it was the last time, but it will be a big change. This new class sits at tables instead of high chairs and has an actual nap time. I hope that he will be able to adjust to this okay. I'm a little worried though because I'm afraid in the new class they really want them to be there all day. Usually on my days off Mac only goes for a little while if at all. I'll have to talk to his new teachers and see what the deal is.
They are making the transition easy for me because this week I'll continue to drop him off in his regular room and they will transition him around 9:00. I need a little help because yesterday was also my boss's last day so we are about to go through major transitions at work as well.

And here's the cute story for the day...
The other day at lunch he totally faked eating. Someone was trying to convince him that the mac and cheese on his plate would be good. He picked up a piece and appeared to put it in his mouth. He even said mmmm... Then I realized that the food was still in his hand. He's a sneaky one.

And another one...
He has a cute little table and chairs that we got him at Ikea. He loves to sit at the table and read his books. He also likes to stand up in the chairs. Apparently we tell him to sit down alot because he stands up in the chair and then points his finger and says sit down (well I know thats what he is saying, but you probably couldn't actually understand him). He knows what to do, if only we could get him to actually do it.

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