Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Shoes!

So Mac's shoes have been getting pretty tight. We had a backup pair in the next size waiting in the wings, but until now they were still a little too big. This morning, I was going to put the new ones on him, because I thought it was about time. He insisted that he wanted to wear the old ones. He even went to the closet and got them out. (You may find this surprising behavior for a little boy, but thats only if you don't know my child's shoe obsession. Shoes is one of the few constant words in his vocabulary. Don't think he is destined to be a designer yet though, he just knows that "shoes" means he gets to go outside.)

He was determined to wear the old shoes so I tried to put them on anyway. His foot just would not go in, but he jumped down from the chair and took off for the back door. He was limping and walking sideways because he was actually standing on the back of one of the shoes. He tried to push his foot down harder to make it fit, it just wouldn't budge.

I took him to his room and got out the new shoes. He totally pitched a fit, trying to put the old one back on even while I was fastening the new one. He headed to the back door again, but this time with the old shoes in his hands. He did not trust those new shoes and he was apparently planning to bring backup. By the time we walked into church we had gotten the old ones away from him, but he still kept looking at the new ones like they were the enemy.

Despite all the drama, the new shoes have been accepted. By this evening he went and got them and sat on the kitchen floor trying to put them on. This was especially funny looking since he was otherwise wearing only a diaper. Doug said "Put on your shoes so you can go streaking" He took it as a serious proposal.

(Sorry for no photos, we have some good new ones they just aren't uploaded yet.)

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