Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, continued

The snow was quickly covered with a solid layer of ice, so our snow day turned into two days.  Thankfully this was Samantha's week to have several days off and I didn't have to go in since the office was still closed.

Mac and I decided to get the wagon out and just take a walk through the ice and snow.  We saw the ducks at the neighborhood "lake" and decided we should come back to feed them.  On the way back home we saw kids sledding on the fairway of hole number 5 and couldn't resist.  We did sled a few times and watched as the kids played together.  The mom of one girl took a few pictures of us sledding, so hopefully we will have pictures soon.

Later in the day we went back out to feed the ducks and ended up building a snowman.  The snow wasn't originally good packing snow, but as it got better as it melted.  Mac couldn't decide if he wanted to push the snowman into the water, put him on the side of the road, or take him in his wagon.  He also couldn't decide if he wanted the snowman to be big or little, or if there should be one or a lot of snowmen.  The good thing is, he is typically happy with how things turn out.

School is still closed tomorrow. Hopefully we can find more things to do.  We're starting to run out of things that don't involve getting in the car.

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