Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Fun Weekend!

So we don't have any pictures yet because they are mostly on Jessica's camera. She is officially the group photographer. However we did have a really good weekend in Augusta. We went down Friday evening to see Uncle Eric's (Watson) football game. Mac had so much fun hanging out with the other kids at the game. He wanted to do everything that they did. The best part was he and Greer dancing to the band. Jess got a picture so we will post that as soon as we get them from her.

On Saturday Jessica and I did some shopping because the sudden cold snap has made me realize that Mac has outgrown all of his pants. He is at a very awkward size apparently though because the old ones are way too short and the next size up is too long and has to be rolled up several times. Oh well, I guess he will grow into them.

By the way Greer is an adorable little girl whose dad is a coach with Eric (and they go to church with Jess and Eric so we saw them again today too) Mac got a bunch of hugs and then a kiss today when we left. Tonight while he was in the bathtub we were talking about the day and who we had seen and what we had done. He repeated Greer's name clearly enough for us to understand, so that just tells you how special she is.


Lolly said...

That sounds like fun. I guess that gave you girls an excellent excuse to shop! I need more pics as I use them for my desktop background at work!

RandB said...

That was so sweet! Greer had so much fun too and was excited to see pictures of her boyfriend on Jessica's computer. She is looking forward to their next date. :) B and I enjoyed visiting with you guys too...come back soon!