Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pictures, Pumpkins, and the Zoo

Today was a very busy day. We started this morning with Mac's 18th month photo session (yes he is 19th months now, but who's counting). I think it went pretty well. He was a little sleepy and lacking some of his usual spark, but maybe he turned it on for long enough to get some good shots. He figured out how to walk backwards because Daddy was walking backwards trying to entertain him and get a good smile for pictures. Mac was very proud of himself for copying (and he didn't fall down at all). He is constantly surprising us with little things like that.
After lunch (and a nap) we went to church to visit the pumpkin patch. Mac really enjoyed looking at the big pumpkins and climbing on them and trying to pick them up. He also liked picking up the little ones and moving them around. I don't think he rearranged too much of the patch though.

Mac riding a pumpkin
From Pumpkin Patch 09

Mac's scary Halloween face
From Pumpkin Patch 09

Next we decided to visit the little zoo over by our church. (I should clarify that the zoo lists squirrels as some of animals you might see.) They do have some pretty cool stuff though. We were very lucky that some of the animals even "performed" for Mac. I overheard someone say that the groundhog is always asleep, but he walked around and climbed through a tunnel and even jumped over a small span. This would sound more impressive if you had seen how chubby the groundhog was. The bear also stopped resting on his laurels and walked around to show off a little. Unfortunately, the alligators, bald eagle, and yes, armadillo and opossum could not be counted on. Its okay though, Mac was just as delighted by the ducks and geese in the pond as anything else.

I almost forgot until I saw the pictures, but Mac was given some stickers when we left the pumpkin patch. He had one on his shirt and then a few still on the paper for later. He wanted to hold both Mommy and Daddy's hands when we left so he couldn't hold onto the stickers. Doug put them in his pocket and he was very unsure. He kept looking at his pocket the way he had stared at his new shoes. The best part is that he tried to get the stickers out and kept turning around like a dog chasing his tail.
From Pumpkin Patch 09

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