Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bed Time and the Terrible Twos

I know he's not two yet, but we are definitely starting to see some of the terrible part. For a while now he has been pitching fits about things any time he doesn't get his way or when we can't figure out what his way is. However, bed time is freakishly easy. It worries me sometimes because he is so wide awake when we lay him down that I think he will never stay in the bed. Sometimes he even waves and says night-night when we are leaving him. However he always stays and goes to sleep quickly (I probably should not write that huh?)
The bad side is that he has been waking up in the night most nights. We have been trying to just leave him and let him put himself back to sleep. For awhile we were going and trying to comfort him, but that just seemed to cause more problems than it solved. Is it bad to turn the monitor down so that we can get some sleep until he really needs us?

Here's a picture of him from the bath tub the other night. The bubbles help entice him into the tub on nights that he's not in the mood. He can say bubbles very clearly now.

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