Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daddy's sick

So we had been hoping that perhaps the baby would make an entrance this weekend, but things have changed a little. Doug officially has the flu. So now we are praying that he gets well before Mac arrives. We still hope he comes early because at the rate I'm gaining weight he will be 10 pounds soon. (my own personal estimate, the doctors are not making any guesses yet) So please join us in hoping for a speedy recovery for Doug.


Aub-Margret said...

Sorry Doug is sick. Fuller and I came down with Mother-Son flu. We got the same symptoms at exactly the same time. After 48 hours, we are much better. At least we no longer have body aches and fevers. More napping is in our future. Speedy recovery!

cousin alicia for

S-G said...

Nat was sick when Genevieve was born. He kept falling asleep during the labor (thankfully my Mom was there). We were afraid they wouldn't let him in the OR but thankfully no one noticed (I mean they also let him in there in flip flops).
I hope Doug is better. You hang in there Sam!

Lois said...

I hope Doug is better by now. Esther came home with it from her trip to north GA. She was really dragging for several days. Still has some sinus stuff but is better in general. Tim and I seem to have resisted, wondering if something we're doing is helping.