Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Nursery

Well, since Samantha has made herself busy with making a baby, and I can't help with that, I thought I'd help by putting the nursery together.
Great idea, but I did not realize exactly what I was getting myself into.
Thankfully, I had my parents who graciously agreed to help. It was great to be able work with them and to do something for Mac.
After starting on this the weekend after Thanksgiving, I am glad to say it is done!

This first picture is the room before we changed it. This color was everywhere.

These next pictures are of the room finished.

Obviously the room is not really finished - it still needs furniture and decorating.
However, my part is basically done since the furniture is on order and I'm not authorized to decorate, especially not alone.

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Tom and Sharon said...

The Nursery is amazing! You & Sam did a great job conceptualizing it. Thanks for letting us help you with it. Love you. Dad & Mom