Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where's my belly button?

So a couple of months ago my belly button was poking out like a meat thermometer had popped proclaiming this baby to be done. Suddenly I noticed last night that it is disappearing again. Where did it go? you ask. Well my belly is now stretched so tightly that it is actually flattening out, if this keeps up for the next few weeks there will be nothing left at all. Maybe some of you knew this would happen, but I didn't know it was physically possible so I'm a little surprised. I'm also very interested to see what kind of belly button I'll end up with when this is over.

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Aub-Margret said...

I don't think my belly button ever popped out completely, but it did get flat. Funny what our bodies do while we grow a baby. Now, three years later I am learning even more about what having Fuller did to my body.

Cousin Alicia