Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eggplant Parmesan and Snow?

So we heard from several different people on Monday that eggplant parmesan is the way to induce labor. In fact, there is actually a restuarant in Atlanta that guarantees you will go into labor within 24-48 hours or they will give you money back. Here's a link to an article we found about it. Of course that is the other side of Atlanta (probably 2 hours away) which would certainly guarantee I would go into labor, just that I might have the baby in the car.
We found that Johhny Carino's here in Athens serves eggplant parmesan so we decided to try it last night. It sounded good anyway (as long as Doug didn't have to eat it). Hopefully we will have some results soon.
It has now started snowing here as well. Nothing too exciting, this is still Georgia after all, but between the two events surely something will happen today.


Rebecca said...

Maybe you've made it too comfortable for Baby Mac. He just doesn't want to leave, does he? I tried sending you my labor (((vibes))). Most of them went somewhere, I guess they just didn't make it to Athens. I guess we will have to be patient. Maybe he is waiting for the 29th, Leap Day!

S-G said...

So it has been about 48 hours huh? Anything?

Bobbie said...

Granddaddy John and I are very excited about Mac!!!
Mom has kept us up to date.
He will come when he is ready not before, just like an apple falling from the tree.
Love to you both
Mema Bobbie

Ruth said...

Snow? Baby Mac will be his own self, weather or not. It was 65 here in Auburn this afternoon. I'll pray for patience for both of you.
Grandma McFarland

Baby Mac said...

As Rebecca implied, why should I want to come out. I'm in Athens. I've got internet access. How much more could there be? According the this controlled enviroment is much more inviting. I will admit the eggplant about did it. That stuff was nasty!

Got to go for now, Mom's moving so much it's hard to use the keyboard.

See you soon,
Baby Mac

Aub-Margret said...

Leap Day! Baby Mac should come out and play now... we are all waiting! LOL

cousin alicia for