Friday, February 29, 2008

God's timing is better than mine

So apparently the eggplant was a bust, guess no one is too surprised by that.

The good news is that I went to the doctor today and everything looks good. They did some fetal monitoring and Mac is looking healthy. The doctor also said something about him being "big" but I did not ask for details on that. I really don't want to know at this point. He has to come out one way or the other so I might as well not worry about how much he will weigh. Its too late to put him on a diet and he is certainly getting plenty of exercise already.

The best news is that we are scheduled to be induced Monday morning at 6 AM. Despite how early that is we are really excited!!! Turns out to be good that I didn't go into labor already because the hospital is full. They expect some rooms by tonight, but there would have been nowhere for me to go if he had come last night.

So now we have a plan and we sorta know what we are doing. Hopefully our next post will include some BABY PICTURES!!!

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Bobbie said...

Wonderful news, our love is with all of you
Granddaddy John & Mema Bobbie